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What a Status?
Status is a real deal. It is an incredible combination of messenger and browser. Generally, the Status function is to make it easier for smartphone users to use DApps to expand or get new users. Status is a tool that can move the wider community to get to know Ethereum. Status is a friendly medium and very easy to use by many users and can be applied to almost all android smartphone. This ease will increase the Ethereum token value stronger.

Initially, Status is one part of the digital currency platform, Ethereum. As time goes by, evolves into a "freeway" for Ethereum users to connect with some decentralized app or service. Status was created to reduce the barriers that Ethereum users often encounter when entering Ethereal. The high traffic of Ethereum users often makes it hard for users to do what they have to do in Ethereal. Currently, Status can be considered as social media by its users.

Status is an outstanding DApp because Status has the opportunity to create a more open internet. Approximately 18 months after its launch, Status has successfully placed Java Ethereum on Android smartphones. Status even does this before Devcon1. originated from the desire to create a DApp browser that fits the needs of the founders of Status. But after conducting a series of research, the Singapore-based site finally created something called Go Ethereum that uses Light Client and Whisper protocol. Status research shows that users want a platform that allows them to connect with Ethereum and its partners anywhere-anytime. Another thing that underlies the creation of Status is the behavior of users. Most of the users are people who spend a lot of time with their smartphones.

You can visit Status to know and get Status. The Web provides very detailed information about Status. With an interactive view, this site makes it easy for anyone to get information and try (beta version). This site provides an opportunity for its users to participate in developing the Status. The site also provides a way for those of you who want to do business in Ethereal and meet many Ethereum users. All about Status is displayed transparently on this site. Openness and user participation are helpful in the development of Status. Features owned by this site is very complete and so easy to use, unlike other similar sites that are more rigid and boring. Status is not just a site and application provider, moreover, the status also facilitates you who want to make payment or other digital currency activity safely. Status uses end-to-end encryption that uses peer to peer protocol.

Status Core Contributors
  • Carl Bennetts, Co-founder
  • Jarrad Hope, Co-founder
  • Roman Volosovskyi, Lead Clojure
  • Victor Farazdagi, Golang one-man-army
  • Alexander Pantyuhov, Clojure
  • Andrey Shovkoplyas, Clojure
  • Gustavo Nunes, Clojure
  • Andrei Mironov, Design
  • Anna Danchenko, Head of QA
  • Tatu, Community Manager
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check Wiki or Join Slack to communicate with Status team!

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