Great Support from BitCad for Businesses Blockchain Based

Blockchain is mostly known as the technology that supports Bitcoin. The Bitcoin transactions through Blockchain provided in permanent record so that the cryptocurrency security is in a high level. It is a great benefit offered since the ledgers that are mutually distributed have been supposed to be complex and insecure.

Some features of blockchain make many financial services companies are interested to use it. The features are decentralized (without any failure point), secure (every valid transaction always utilize cryptography), immutable history, efficient for the easy and fast information exchange, and everything is always documented transparently.

The Importance of Operating System for Businesses Blockchain Based
For the wide usage of blockchain in every business field, it is important for all businesses to use this modern technology too. Besides, if your business is based on the blockchain, you also should have the operating system that will manage, design and analyze the business well. Make sure you choose a unified operating system that will work for online accounting with automatic accounting system, online banking with wallets and banking integration, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with business automation systems integration.

Those great features are available at BitCAD that is established to provide the unified operating system. By having this application, you can use it for all process in the business activities. The reorganized governance model positions all individuals, non-commercial interests, industry and government in the same level. BitCad that uses multistakeholders determine the policy maker is the community. It is made to compliance to all conditions that are open to all and don’t have borders. BitCad also supports digital assets and multicurrency.

The Cost Benefit in a Long Term
In an extensive sense, every process of financial services get operational process that is not efficient because of the both sides trade, information transfer or transaction or future obligation or separate event records of the assets keeping. Because of the separated two records, many resources and effort are spent merging the records at every step of contract execution so that the match records can be ensured. Theoretically, the mutual distributed ledgers can dramatically reduce the related process of spend on data including obtaining, reconciliation, and checking. There are many more benefits of blockchain, including the benefit of the lower risk.

Therefore, you can choose BitCAD as the operating system of your business that is based on the Blockchain. It is a great choice because all deals made fast, reliable and profitable by using this great support.

Roadmap of BitCAD
BitCAD Team
  • Vlad Mitrofanov, Founder & CEO BitCAD
  • Andrey Printsev, Development & Architechture
  • Eugeniy Ilyushin, Developer
  • Konstantin Pozdnyakov, Development & Architechture
  • Geraklit Geraklitov, Lead Developer
  • Dmitriy, Chief Scientist
  • Farit Kadyrov, CEO Zvook
  • Gumar Kadyrov, CEO Tectum
  • Farit Ismagilove, Social research, Business Angel
  • Adel Zalyaev, Project management
  • Kristina Fedulova, Lawyer BitCAD
  • Dobrynya Churkin, Design & Identity

For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: or Join Slack to communicate with BitCAD team!

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- May 09, 2017 : BitCAD Video presentation
- May 11, 2017 : BitCAD has announced starts ICO

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