Crypviser - Safest Social and Business Communication Platform

Why Crypviser is the Safest Social and Business Communication Platform?
Crypviser is yet another new player in the world of cryptocurrency. However, unlike other cryptocoins, it is created not only for financial transaction. As a matter of fact, it is the first encrypted network for social and business communication. We can mention plenty of cryptocurrencies but when it comes to a digital coin that can be a solution for more secure communication, Crypviser is definitely one of the pioneers.

So, just like the other cryptocurrencies that have been in the market longer, Crypviser takes advantage of blockchain technology to make every transaction safer. But since there is a communication aspect here, a mere blockchain will not be enough. So, how is Crypviser different with other cryptocurrencies? Here are some of its best features that make it safe enough for a social and business communication environment.

Top Level Security
Crypviser is really secure and worth to use for your communication process because it only applies the best cryptography. As a result, storing and sharing communication data such as chats, voice calls or video calls, will be safer.

Now, where is the blockchain plays its role? Well, every single data that is stored and shared will be recorded and time-stamped in the blockchain. Just like the basic blockchain principles, the ledger is public but the data is highly encrypted and the access is reserved for those holding the authentication key. We know that blockchain is decentralized and its security is unbeatable. So, when it is combined with the other security measures, we can rest assured that our data is in the right hand if we use Crypviser’s service.

Since blockchain is involved to record the data, you might be wondering where your data will actually be stored. Well, just like usual, you can save it on your own device. However, Crypviser will provide a special independent encrypted local storage on your device. You can keep all of your important and sensitive data there and you can rest assured there is no malwares or physical damage that can compromise the safety of your data.

CVCoin Authentication
So that the data can be recorded in the blockchain, you will need to use cryptocoin, just like making a financial transaction. Crypviser has provided a special token called CVCoin. This coin can be used for blockchain transaction and in exchange, become the encryption keys that make every data unique. This is the feature that will make sure that the keys only belong to the owner and other people cannot access it.

Crypviser Team and Escrow
Team Member
  • Vadim Andryan, The Founder and CEO/CTO
  • Waldemar Konradi, CO – Founder and Director
  • Eduard Schutz, Co-owner, investor
  • Victor Gubin, The Lead Developer
  • Dmitriy Vaisband, Business Consultan, Coach
  • Sergey Sidorov, Legal Service
Escrow Team
  • Ronald Kramer, BITSHARES Foundation
  • Ronny Boesing, OPENLEDGER APS
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Crypviser Team & Escrow or If you have any questions please feel free to email directly to contact team

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