Patientory’s Token Sale Launches and Benefits

With the newly elected Trump threatening to abolish the Affordable Care Act and swapping it for his own health plan, it is not an exaggeration when we say that the healthcare system that we have so accustomed to is now at a crossroads. The replacement may not have been decided, nor have it been made public, but the backlash has already begun. The aforementioned backlash does not only revolve around public opinions, but also the ever increasing access barriers and staggering medical expense.

As if to answer the challenges we are all facing, a company comes up with Patientory. Yes, Patientory is indeed the blockchain based health management we keep hearing about lately. Committed to providing the best solution to our current issues, the company built Patientory to deliver personal health management so that we as patients can properly interact with our healthcare teams and securely manage our own medical records and histories. This does not only help give us a peace of mind, but also helps assisting the healthcare providers as well as institutions as it indirectly increases our clinical outcomes. By using its mobile application, we may easily make an individual profile, store our medical and health informations on the HIPAA-compliant and secure blockchain platform, control our own health across multiple health care providers and physicians coordinated care teams whether they be outside or inside the hospital.

Patientory Roadmap

Patientory makes it possible for users, or in this case patients, to make a more informed decisions when it comes to their own health as it provides them with all of the necessary resources. As a patient-focused application, Patientory has successfully come up with a concept which allows users to get in touch with their own health – this connection is not only limited to informations needed, but also real time peer-community of individuals of the same condition as well as caregivers. This particular benefit is incredibly valuable as, from its clinical standpoint, Patientory makes it easier for caregivers to securely interact and share medication data and health records which boosts effeciency and significantly reduces expenses. The blockchain technology ensures confidentiality and makes it easier to identify security threats. Impressive, isn’t it? If you are like me, you would be interested and you would look forward to its token sale launches which will be started on May 31st to June 28th, 2017  – this token can be used by patients to rent the network’s storage space as well as to execute payment via smart contracts.

Patientory Crowdsale
Patientory team has plans to launch Crowdsale on May 31 until June 28, 2017.
You will be able to participate in the Crowdsale can buy Patientory tokens (PTOY) using Ethereum( ETH ).
Crowdfund Timeline: 28 Days
Total Tokens Supply: 100,000,000 PTOY
Total ICO Supply: 70,000,000 PTOY
Crowdfund Objective: $9.1M USD. Please note: this does not include bonuses. ( min 5,000 ETH )
All unsold tokens will be burned.

Special bonus for participant Patientory ICO on the first 10 days of sales with a 20 % bonus, limited quantity, with the following early bird bonuses structure:
- First 10 days : bonus 20%
- The next 10 days : bonus 10%
- Remaining of the ICO phase : no bonusses
Price of PTOY without bonus: to be confirmed on 31st May.

So don't missed to be part of Patientory!
More detail about Patientory ICO, please check and subscribed on Bitcointalk.



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