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What if we told you that the Blockchain has literally been used for every single thing imaginable on earth? You would probably believe it as these days, more and more developer and company have noted the importance of security, and what better way to ensure security other than building a solid project on the world’s most trusted platform? From music streaming application, to banking system and even healthcare – you can find the application you need on Blockchain nowadays. Those who consider themselves as an avid gamer, too, will gleefully embrace the technology as it is also the home of so many impressive RPG games. The last example may or may not tickle your fancy – how about other adults wanting a great entertainment?

While the option for adults would be too hard to find back in the day, these days? Not so much. And it’s all thanks to DAO Casino. As other blockchain based application, the system of DAO Casino is cleverly built on Ethereum blockchain. Check your gambling mobile game stored in your phone real quick, you will most likely find out that your gambling mobile game application relies on third party – and we sure hope you have never entered your credit card details to gamble or purchase a round. Why? Because these third parties cannot be trusted. Who could give you a guarantee that your important informations and credit card details would never be sold to other parties or misused? No one, not even the game developer. There are so many unaccountable hands involved and have access to these third parties, and while you may have never gotten a problem with it, who could assure you that it would never happen to you?
With Ethereum-blockchain, you can have fun and rest assured that you are scam-free as you have all the power and control over your important data such as your credit card informations – all thanks to DAO Casino’s decentralized system. The security is not the only thing that DAO Casino boasts, however, simply because it offers incredible rewards for everyone involved; from the security auditors and developers, to community members through Bankroll Backers model. Bankroll Backing system is a unique system, in which when translated to a real-life position in the gambling industry, it would automatically be known as Casino operators. Bankroll Backers may have the responsibility of evaluating the game, but they aren’t alone as there is Bankroll Sponsor position which helps audit and take the risks of the market condition.

DAO Casino Team
  • Ilya Tarutov, CEO
  • Konstantin Lomashuk, Protocol Architect
  • Alexander Noxon, CTO / Platform Development
  • Ksenya Bellman, Business Development
  • Alexandra Fetisova, Project Manager
  • Sergey Pomorin, Game Developer
  • Sergey Lonshakov, DAO design and implementation
  • Alexander Krupenkin, Solidity Developer
  • Eugene Radchenko, Program Manager
  • Alexander Davydov, Solidity Developer
  • Alex Kirillov, CFO
  • Akbar Murataliev, Marketing Executive
  • Stepanchenko Alexander, Full Stack Developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: DAO Casino Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with DAO Casino team!

Roadmap of DAO Casino

  1. - Market Research
    - Technical feasibility
    - Assessment

  2. - First game release on Edcon
    - Platform prototype

  3. - Platform Alpha
    - Dice game beta
    - Black Jack beta
    - Protocol main contract
    - WP release

  4. - Public audit
    - RNG Signidice integration

  5. - Contribution campaign
    - Multiplayer RNG research
    - Lottery Alpha
    - Slot game Alpha
    - IPFS integration

  6. - Official release platform (testnet)
    - Multiplayer RNG release
    - Lottery beta

  7. - VR platform
    - Betting integration
    - Prediction Integration
    - DAO.Casino JS

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