Suretly : Grow Your Money Through Short Term Loans

Have you been thinking of being a short term loan lender but haven’t found the best way how to? Now, you have found just the way. Suretly was built and designed to enable lenders to vouch for potential borrowers coming from various countries. Instead of being a short term loan provider, Suretly chose to provide place for both lenders and borrowers to meet and do transaction. It basically is what makes Suretly different than any other short loan providers. Of course, Suretly works with passion and high integrity making this company a trusted and reliable third party. Let’s get to know further about the features of the services.

Virtual Short Term Loan
First time lenders often feel doubt when it comes to giving short term loans for borrowers. Suretly understands this situation. Therefore, this company has specifically built virtual short term loan game that is based on actual conditions. In this game, lenders are given chances to vouch for borrowers. They are also given the chance to learn and find the best strategies to achieve succeed in terms of providing short term loans. This game is specially designed so even the virtual borrowers act just like the actual ones. This way, it is much easier for the lenders to know exactly how to be the proper lenders.

Draw Income in One Month
Here is a great offer from Suretly. Suretly offers actual opportunities for lenders to draw income within only one month. Isn’t it a great offer? This offer is certainly possible because Suretly provides the lenders with opportunity to give short term loans with 3 to 30 days period. Yes, there is even 3 days loan which makes a really great offer for a start. It is an interesting and prospective way to grow your investment because you do not have to freeze funds over long period. Within only days, you can collect a lot of profit right away.

As lenders, you have the right to diversify your own risks. It means that you do not need to vouch for whole loan amount that is requested by the borrower. Suretly works with $2 of minimum rate. Therefore, it is necessary for the borrower to find enough vouchers in order to cover their entire loan amount. As you prepare your money to be lent, make use of real time statistics data on the borrowers’ credit history to help you decide which borrower you should choose.

Suretly team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on July 11, 2017 until August 11, 2017. Those interested in participating in the crowdsale can buy Suretly tokens (SUR) with Ether,BTC,LTC and Waves.
The initial 1 SUR-token price for the ICO is going to be 0.1 ETH (or equivalent in BTC).
So don't missed to be part of Suretly project!
More detail about Suretly crowdsale, please check and subscribed on Bitcointalk forum.

Suretly Team
Suretly built and developed by people who are competent and have their own field skill.
They have an extensive background experience in investment banking and business consulting, marketing and advertising, micro-finance and international legal practice.
  • Eugene Lobachev, CEO
  • Anna Paulova, CMO
  • Svetlana Eydelman, CFO
  • Vlad Zubarev, Business Development & Advising
  • Andrey Zverev, Business Development & Advising
  • Eugene Kovalev, Regional Director for Russia and CIS
  • Konstantin Vishnivetsky, Lead developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Whitepaper or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with Suretly team!

Roadmap of Suretlty

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