Why Dmarket is Essential to Transform the Gaming World

Dmarket is on its way to transform how the online gaming world works. It is a platform that will allow gamers purchase virtual items for their games easily, and most importantly securely. Now the question is, how can Dmarket be more secure compared to other similar platforms that sell virtual gaming items? Well, it is because this platform is based on blockchain and Smart Contract.

Blockchain ensures 100% security because every transaction will be recorded. Meanwhile, Smart Contract will be in charge of connecting the blockchain with the gaming universes without third party interference. The only means of transaction in this platform is a token called DMarket Token. The token has plenty of function, from buying and selling game items to distribute profits to the owner of the copyrights.

Why the Gaming World Needs DMarket
There is still one question we need to answer. DMarket is a decentralized marketplace to turn every virtual item into a real commodity where we can buy and sell in game items. So, what’s so interesting about it? What is its urgency that makes the gaming enthusiast will crawl to this platform and use its service?

If you are an online gaming enthusiast, you definitely know how difficult it is to purchase in-game items. Yes, there are many platforms you can use for this purpose. But when you take the security factor into consideration, it is safe to say that it can be very hard to find a source to purchase in-game items.

This is where Dmarket will play its role. It will not only provide a platform that guarantees safe and easy transaction, it also will connect all the game worlds and universes together which give a sense of unity that the gaming world has yet to have until this time.

Online gaming is actually a very huge market. There are more than 2.2 billion gamers all over the world but only around 132 million gamers actually engage in virtual items trading. There are still more than 2 billion gamers that actually can join this market but they are excluded from it, and the biggest reason for this is because they cannot find a good platform that they can trust to trade the items. Imagine how powerful this market will be if all the gamers have good access to a reliable virtual items trading platform. And this is exactly why Dmarket is very important to the modern gaming world. It is a platform that will be very beneficial for both gamers and also game developers.

DMarket Team
  • Volodymyr Panchenko, Founder and CE
  • Alexander Kokhanovskyy, Co-founder
  • Sergey Nemesh, CTO
  • Andriy Khavryuchenko, Blockchain architect
  • Oren Klaff, Managing Director at Intersection Capital
  • Brian kerr, Managing Director at GL Ventures, Founder & CEO Fnatic Gear
  • Igor Matsanyuk, Chairman at Game Insight
  • Denis Dovgopoliy, Founder at GrowthUP Group
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website and submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with DMarket team!


  1. skins.cash was created

  2. Added DotA 2 & TF2

  3. DMarket idea

  4. DMarket market and technical research

  5. DMarket team creation

  6. Integration meetings with game developers

  7. skins.cash achievements

  8. Token sale development

  9. dmarket.io

  10. - Token sale phase #1
    - skins.cash distributes tokens

  11. DMarket brand awareness

  12. DMarket Alpha

  13. Token sale phase #2

  14. DMarket token listing

  15. DMarket main development phase

  16. DMarket security audit

  17. DMarket API integration

  18. First steps of Global market influencing

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