EtherSphere - Blockchain Time- Based Contracts

Everybody must be very happy if he or she can earn money instantly. Fascinatingly, it is not a big deal recently. There are now so many sites in the internet that offers such a thing. It is not something impossible actually. However, something that must be on your mind is being careful. It is bad for sure if you are being tempted with offers where in fact, they are no more than scams or frauds. There are many people who become the victims this way. Of course, you must not be one of them. So, is it still possible to find a site that can gives you money but it is safe as well?

You must be happy since there is now Ethersphere. Ethersphere is a site that offers you some benefits through a fair play. It is basically a host in which the members who join it can follow a system of competition. If you are able to win the competition, surely, you are able to get some benefits in the form of money. You must not worry since different from the gambling, you don’t need to spend the money at first. Well, it is basically like a quiz. There are many good reasons why you must join this site and not the others. the first, as it has been mentioned above, is that the competition is not risky at all. Sure, it is because you don’t use your money to get the bigger amount of money in the end. In other words, even if you are lost or something, there is no any loss. You can just be fun here. The second is that many people have proven that this site is really good and fair. You must not worry about the fraud or scam since it will never be experienced anyway.

The way to join this site is also very easy. All you need to do is just visiting this site and then follow all the instructions given. If you are asked to submit the description of you, just do it. It is basically only for data registration. This site is also very accessible. You must not worry about down server or the likes for the experts hired behind it. The way to play the games is also very easy as you can just learn more about it faster. So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in it, just go to EtherSphere.


  1. Pilot Test

  2. ICO Crowdsale

  3. Launch EtherSphere 2.0

  4. Metropolis Ethereum

  5. AllianceSphere Development

  6. Launch AllianceSphere

  7. Prepare for round 2 crowdfunding

  8. Develop MultiSphere platform



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