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Who does not know about the blockchain technology nowadays? Almost anyone is already familiar with such the technology which has been really popular nowadays. Of course, it can be such the great technology for any of you who are really interested in applying for various things including for the business field. The popularity of the blockchain technology becomes the really great nowadays. That can be seen from the use of this technology which is increased significantly. Thus, you may also get such the great thing in dealing with various things which are based on this technology.

There is also Ties.Network which also applies blockchain technology. It offers a bunch of good thing in dealing with the business with lots of the better things, as like the better security, effectiveness, and of course efficiency. They are the good idea for anyone who is interested in business which is much better for its security, efficiency, and effectiveness. They can be one of the options which you can notice and of course it can be one of the ideas for the right choice one.

That is really interesting to know much about Ties.Network so that we can also determine whether it becomes what you are looking for or not. That is actually the platform which is used for the business. That is also supported by the smart contract. It is also with the integrated database of public noSql called the TIES DB. This is also designed in order to meet the goals. That is including finding lots of partners. The secure deals of the business transaction also become one of the good points of this platform which is offered. That will also lead establishing the better yet professional relationship. Those are some of the points which can be dealt with from this platform of business.
The rating systems which is decentralized with the reviews which are totally genuine also give the better simplicity in finding the right partners of business. This platform of business from Ties.Network is also based on the Ethereum blockchain. Of course, there are various great features which are offered in giving some good things for the better business which many people are needed. You can also try exploring them and getting to know further more about the business platform by visiting their official site. There is some information offered by the site in which to get the complete information about the business platform with the features which are provided.

Ties.Network Team
  • Alexander Neymark, Founder, CEO
  • Dmitry Kochin, Founder, CTO, PhD
  • Anton Filatov, Head of Software Development
  • Natalia Tokar, Business Development Partner
  • Sergey Mukhanov, Head of Product Management
  • Nicola Marangoni, Java developer, Big Data Expert
  • Hendry Rodriguez, Software developer
  • Rodrigo Acosta, Software developer
  • Ivan Vyatkin, Software developer
  • Aaron Schwartz, Advisor, Education and Science
  • Marcel Schlatter, Technical advisor
  • Wulf Kaal, Advisor, PR and Social Outreach
  • Juan Garcia Morgado, Advisor, Legal and Consulting (Europe)
  • Ian M. Worrall, Advisor, Finance and Security
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Ties.DB Team or Join Telegram to communicate with team!

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