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Everyone knows how important a domain name is. It doesn’t only represent a name or identity of a website but it also the future. The right and popular domain names are important to optimally build and develop a business as it makes easier when it comes to search engine optimization. So, it is just only normal when many people are willing to wait in line before trying to fight and win the expired domain names. To get this domain, individuals should involve in certain process like domain backorder or auction with the help of domain service provider like DomRaider. The company has just the right tool in order to get the expired domain names.

In case you do not know when the domain expires, read this basic information. Domain names expire only when the current registrants do not renew the domain by the time the expiration date arrives. Only after that the domain names go into expired states. Then, there are 40 days of grace period where any services related to this website are shut off. However, within these 40 days, it is still possible for the owners to renew the domain. But if the owners once again do not renew, the domains enter the redemption period of around 35 days where it is still possible for renew by owners but there is additional cost. Only that this period is over, the domain is available for purchase by other people.

For certain domain names that are popular, there are usually some people waiting to enter the auction in order to get the domain. By taking part in the auction, the new registrant can purchase the domain. Usually, before individuals can take part in the auction, they need to wait in the backorder. It means that they are registering themselves as the new owners of the domains and are willing to go in auction to get the domains in case there is more than one person wanting the domain.

It is important to use service from the best company like DomRaider in order to successfully win the auction because the company offers the first seats in the auction. And just like any auction, in order to win it, only the registrants with the highest bid can win it. Usually, the auction lasts for a week. So, within 7 days, it is possible for anyone to bid for the domain name. And, there is also the proxy bid which is much higher compared to current minimum bid. This bid type represents more winning chances.

DomRaider Team
  • Tristan Colombet, CEO
  • Christophe David, CFO
  • Etienne Roudeix, Lead Developer
  • Romuald Clermont, Content & Community Manager
  • Paul Decombe, Direct Marketing
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  1. Creation of the company

  2. - Granting of AFNIC accreditatio
    - Launch on the .fr market.

  3. Achievement of record sales for a domain name: 7,000€

  4. First fund raising effort to the tune of 2M €

  5. Launch of the new platform and development on an international scope

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  1. It is on such auctions that you can find the names that can bring you the most benefit in their work and new projects.

  2. Individuals must wait in line to take part in the auction that you described in this article.