New Gaming Experience for Lordmancer II Players

One of interesting online games you can play is Lordmancer II. This is a popular game because it can be played freely and multiplayer around the world. That’s why you can meet different player real time and all of them are real players. It is not only about online interaction with hundreds of players but also about the game world. The developer is trying to serve the players well by expanding it regularly. Don’t forget about the online trading. By playing Lordmancer II, you are able to buy and sell items just like you want. It is an open market game in which you can also trade with the other players.

To make this game more challenging, it is a must for you to protect your castle. There is always a day when your castle is attacked by your opponents to get your sources. Of course, you have to prepare your troops to attack the other castles and get their sources. The most interesting is the use of crypto currency token. The token is known as Lord Coin (LC) and just real money, this virtual coin is used to trade in Lordmancer II. You can use it to buy important items player to player or on the game. You just exchange your real money to get this crypto currency token.

This is a new concept offered by Lordmancer II and hopefully it develops the playing atmosphere on this game. You can be more challenging while playing this game because you have to communicate, fight against opponents, and trade. The crypto currency token will be released Pre-ICO on August 21st 2017 and there are around 2.000.000 will be sold to the players. For those who love to play RPG games, you should try this online RPG game and feel the sensation of playing this game online with worldwide players.

This online RPG game is developed by professionals who have passion on serving entertaining online games for gamers. They have enough experience to handle game from any elements of it. Later, you can check and play Lordmancer II anytime and anywhere you want because it will be launched via android. Some countries have to be a little bit patient because the global launching will be held in 2018. You don’t need to worry about that because you can still play this game in beta version by download it via Google Play Store. So, you are ready to be the undefeated player in Lordmancer II? Just try it right now!

Lordmancer II Team
  • Ilya Mikov, CO-founder
  • Anton Telitsyn, CO-founder, CEO
  • Petr Klepcin, Team Lead
  • Andrey Zobov, Lead Designer
  • Alex Onuchin, Game Designer
  • Anton Semakin, Lead 2D Artist
  • Maxim Skrupski, Senior Developer
  • Ildar Fasckhetdinov, Client Side
  • Eugene Kostarev, Server Developer
  • Marsel Atnyashev, Developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: LM2 Team or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with Lordmancer II team!


  1. Beta Development & Russia Soft Launch on Android

  2. - Pre-ICO
    - Testing and polishing during Russian soft launch

  3. - Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
    - Commercial Launch in Russia
    - Content Updates: Units, Lands, Quests
    - Game Packs available for purchase using Lord Coins

  4. - Unique lands available for purchase using Lord Coins
    - Dwarven Race added
    - SEA & South America Launch
    - iOS launch in all currently launched regions

  5. - Global Launch
    - Undead Race added

  6. - Content Refresh Named Update
    - New Race
    - Vast new lands
    - New central quest lines

Official Link
  WhitepaperRead Now!

- Aug 21, 2017: Pre-ICO start
- Aug 26, 2017: Pre-ICO has been successfully!
- Oct 18, 2017: Lordmancer II ICO has been postponed to Nov 7th - Dec 20th, 2017

ETH Address: 0xC4f9B7a8C02D51562eD7EeE23418C0088D67cFCa



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  1. how can i play it doesnt let me download from playstore and i cant seem to download the game at all i would like to know how i can be able play i live in the usa so i dont know if thats why i cant find it in the playstore

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