Aigang : Blockchain Protocol For Digital Insurance

Aigang Network has taken the industry by the storm with its latest invention. The company creates a digital insurance ecosystem using the incredibly secure Blockchain protocol in an effort to completely reform the conventional insurance marketplace. Unlike its conventional counterpart, the Network’s ground breaking digital battery insurance provides a lot of things that the latter fails to offer. Not only restricted in the security front, the Ethereum powered digital insurance also provides a large number of benefits for its users. A few of which revolves around the ease of use, as well as punctuality.

In the conventional insurance marketplace, every single process typically takes a long time to be done. This is largely due to the number of intermediaries involved. Being conventional, things are done manually which contribute to the longer period of time needed to finish each of the step of processing. This can be a real pain as those with insurance, should they ever encounter such a devastating event along the way, will need prompt action and faster claims as well as pay outs. It is not a rare occurrence that those who are in need of assistance during the most difficult time of their lives must wait for months on end to get they pay out they deserve. All of these issues are the primary reason why Aigang Network is considered as a ground-breaking invention that will reform the industry altogether.

Using Decentralized Autonomous Organization (often abbreviated as DAO) as well as various smart contracts, the Aigang Network launches has launched demo application solely for Internet-of-things devices that is already equipped with most of the abilities. With that being said, users can finally get a taste of what this game-changing application has to offer. Unlike the conventional insurance, digital insurance created by this Network ensures that every single activity related to the industry is done in a timely manner.

Let’s start from the estimation processing – should you ever want to get an estimate, with this application you no longer have to wait for a long period of time. Quite the contrary, it can be done instantly. With IoT devices of more than 18-billion already connected, Aigang Network will be able to provide you with a wide range of estimates so that you will be able to choose the best value. Not only that, the Network also offers profit-sharing calculation as well as open source software to provide accuracy – both in the reserve and the calculation. Tokens will be available in October, so get yourself ready.



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