Features and Offers from IMMLA

If you work in the field of multimodal logistics, then you should be familiar with various application or websites that could give you benefits from the offerings related with the multimodal field. Some time ago I discussed about the concept of IMMLA, through this article, we will give a brief a little about the features that are owned by IMMLA project, one of the best website using decentralized online service to fulfill the demand of multimodal parties.

The Features Offered by IMMLA
To begin with, the review will be about the features you could enjoy offered by IMMLA. IMMLA claims to be confident in giving the reliability. Since IMLLA used the decentralized system, it could guarantee the payment process. It does not only secure the delivery but also the insurance payments to the owner of the cargo. Besides that, this website also uses the blockchain technology that enables to record the condition of the cargo. It covers the condition when the transfer process occurs so that there will no other parties that could alter or jump in the middle of the process.

The next feature is save every people’s money that trust their business to this project. The Dutch action implemented by this website to optimize the cost of the transportation. It also decreases the number of redundant trips. If the cargo owner is having a high rate, IMMLA will give credits as well so that it could save the current assets.

You don't to learn hard in order to enjoy the offers as well. You don't need to involve any services from third party. Moreover, the delivery option will lay on your hand to give the disposal or not. You also be able to track your cargo online. You could check the history of the transportation as well once the process has done.

What Will You Get?
First, if you are the cargo carrier, you will get transport services. You only need to inform IMMLA about the location of the vehicle. After that, the vehicle will placed in the transportation system design. The payment as well as the immediate document flow also under guarantee. It involves the consignee to give electronic mark if this party already accepted the responsibility of the cargo.

This smart contract will make the payment into the carrier of the cargo as well as providing documents using digital signature from the owner of the cargo. On the other hand, if you are the cargo owner, consignor or forwarder or IMMLA offers an estimation of transport cost that is undoubtedly safe as well as the ease to monitor the cargo.



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