GoldMint - A Revolutionary Gold Investment in 2018

Buying gold is easier today. You don’t have to go to the specific store only to buy it. Just use online technology to help you to get the gold. One of the online gold trading and investment services is Gold Mint. Nowadays, this technology is known as crypto currency which allows the users to take gold easier and safer. Due to the benefits, most investors are investing their money on gold. GoldMint knows about this trend and in the future it doesn’t only a trend anymore and it becomes a lifestyle. GoldMint is blockchain based platform which operates with 100% gold-backed cryptoassets GOLD - stable cryptocurrency with price linked to gold. It will develop significantly and in the future you can buy or store gold by machine.

To support this achievement, GoldMint has been launched its service on August 7th 2017. By using this service, you are able to be a gold investor simpler than before. Just use the crypto currency and soon you will be gold owner. The most important thing, just like an investment, gold investment can also gives you significant benefits. This is concerning to the fact that gold is stable and it doesn’t affected by conditions. This system is low risk along with significant benefits. The price tends to increase year by year. In specific, you have an opportunity to receive around 10% ROI from your investment along with transparent report. Gold crypto currency is low volatile and it means you can use it as payment medium whether for personal or company. Just imagine that in the five years from now you can buy something online by using gold crypto currency.

In the future, you will have a digital asset in which considered as fast, transparent, and secure investment and currency. Slowly but sure, people and companies will follow this system and it makes everything much easier than you can imagine. This pre launch is a kind of beta system to introduce how useful the system is. From this pre launch you can feel the benefits and hopefully you are ready to use it totally on its launch. Gold crypto currency system will be officially launched in 2018. Until now, this system has been supported by some big companies. Those are including Byzantium, Suicide Ventures, Deloitte, Velton, and many more. They are ready to welcome a new investment and payment era, the era of crypto currency. So, how about you? Just learn the detail by visiting the official website and start to think about this beneficial investment


Goldmint Team
  • Dmitry Plutshevsky, co-founder & CEO
  • Evgeny Volfman, co-founder & CBDO
  • Anton Akentiev, Lead Blockchain Developer
  • Konstantin Pichugin, CTO
  • Alexander Pavlov, Product Director
  • Maxim Uperyaka, Marketing Manager
  • Peter Bel, PR Director
  • Dr.Serge Umansky, Founding partner at SIGNET
  • Vladislav Martynov, Member of advisory board of the Ethereum Foundation
  • Igor Ryabenkiy, Managing Partnet at Altair Capital Management
  • Eduard Gurinovich, Former CEO of CarPrice and founder of CarMoney
  • Alex Butmanov, Managing Partner at DTI
  • Julian Zegelman, Managing Partnet at Velton Zegelman
  • Kirill Zhukov, 20+ years in corporate and investment banking, Ex-RBS, ABN AMRO and Uniastrum Head
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: MNTP Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with GoldMint team!

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