ODMCoin - First Investment Blockchain Option In The Oil and Gas Sector

Having such the great investment is of course something which many of you want to always know. That will help you much in dealing with the solution of having lots of needs which have to be fulfilled including in the future. ODMCoin may be one of the ideas which you may need to know if you are interested in having lots of ideas related to the great investment. Surely, in today’s life there are lots of people who are interested in finding the right investment for their need and of course it can be something good since there are lots of ideas for the prospective investment in this digital era. Sure, you need to be up to date about the investment options. It is including about the investment of the blockchain option which can be the great investment to choose. Absolutely, that is the well known option of investment right now and we also have lots of options of the field of industry which we can choose to go.

Various industries can be chosen and you have to be sure about your choice. If you are looking for the prospective industry, the sector of oil and gas can be a good option to choose. Then, you can go to the site which has been mentioned earlier of this post, which is the ODMCoin. The site offers such the helpful yet simple ideas related to the blockchain option investment in oil and gas. They offer lots of great benefits including the benefits of investment which is truly based on the current productions which are really existing. Then, they also offer the total transparency at any kinds of the stages. Thus, you would not need worrying about anything since they are clearly shared and shown. In addition, they also offer the products of blockchain which are really innovative, unique, and completely stable. That offers the great product which is totally reliable.

The ODMCoin is not something new but they offer the great experience in such the blockchain product investment. That is also stated as the trading crypto assets which can be easily traded for getting lots of great profits which you can obtain. The investor there will also be able getting some great opportunity in obtaining the products which are finished as like the materials of constructions, oil, and also gasses. There are lots of things you can obtain there but absolutely getting lots of information is necessary. You can go to visit https://odmcoin.com for further info.

ODMC team has plans to start the ICO to collect the funds on December 1st, 2017.
This is where it gets interesting, just a few days ago the ODMC project announced its ICO which will be run for 31 days. And before the ICO began the team had made the phase of ICO pre-sale
* pre-ICO: Aug 28, 2017 - Sep 10, 2017.
* Main ICO: Dec 01, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017.

During Intial Coin Offering (ICO) price of 1 ODMCoin = $66-$78,8. Goal is to raise $ 1,400,000. Mid cap $2 800 000. Hard cap $4 200 00
- From 50 000$ ­ bonus 20%
- From 30 000$ ­ bonus 15%
- From 10 000$ ­ bonus 10%

  • Aleksandr Doronin, Project CEO
  • Mikhail Tsekhanskii, Deputy Director of Finance
  • Oleg Novikov, Chief of Science
  • Fanil Yusupov, IT Chief
  • Viktor Matvienko, Deputy Director of Business Development
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov, Production Director
  • Irina Barzhak, Press center Director
  • Vasiliy Vasilkov, International project support, USA
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join telegram to communicate with ODMC team!


  1. Ideation

  2. Research

  3. R&D

  4. Pilot-industrial testing

  5. Website launch

  6. ICO Campaign

  7. Manufacture and assembly of two SR-3 models

  8. Pilot-industrial testing on OSC "Rosneft" oilfield drilling site

  9. Launch of SR-3 model industrial manufacturing

  10. Buyback start date

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