Viberate : The Promising Way to Enter Live Music Industry

Do you want to enter live music industry easily? Of course, you must plan well – prepared plan to break in this important industry. Despite of planning carefully, you can ask the help of token for getting successful in your mission. One of the recommended token types is Viberate Token. This is an ecosystem of live music mostly visited. It also takes blockchain base in which it is matching to musician with the event organizer.

Being the Right Token Platform for Musicians
In addition to apply blockchain based, this platform lists more than 120 thousands of musicians from superstars to indie bands. Today, it is giving a brilliant chance for people to be a part of community by selling Vibe token in the Crowdsale. This platform has its vision. It is changing the ways of musicians on how to present and ordered together. By doing this way, it is opening the world of live music to anyone who wants to participate in it. The participation can be conducted by doing decentralization of finding and order process to the use of blockchain technology. It is working so well for the musicians who want to perform their best performance.

Involving Four Elements
Despite of being the right place for performing, Viberate consists of four elements. The platform is finally digitized and decentralized in live music industry. There are some four elements involved through this platform. It becomes the biggest live music curate in the world. The basic bases of musician data will continue to the pilot projects, and simple rank services for Disc Jockeys. It starts to directory that is not more than thousands of Disc Jockey but it is developing sooner to be the biggest database involving more than 50.000 musicians. It expands the link to all music genres and increases the data basis.

This token platform is society – based and decentralized service supported by Vibe Token. Viberate always becomes a society – based service in which it opens database to public. The users can input musician profiles. There is no achievement system to participate in the project encouraging them to take a role in the project. Thirdly, all music ecosystems are in one place. Viberate is the first service including all live music industry aspects. The entity database includes musicians, booking agents, event organizers, and the other professional musicians. It is also to be the first blockchain live music market. With the database and communication channel, this platform enables live music market application.

  • Matej Gregorčič, Founder & CEO
  • Vasja Veber, Founder & COO
  • Boštjan Žakelj, CTO
  • Kristian Gorenc, CMO
  • Andrej Plankar, Blockchain Specialist
  • Tomislav Mučič, Blockchain Consultant
  • Rok Babič, Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Rok Bavec, Senior Developer, Data Scientist
  • Matic Magister, Head of Sales Support
  • Ina Veber, PhD, General Counsel
  • Matjaž Muhič, UX & Design (AV)
  • Tanja Bivic, Public Relations
  • Charlie Shrem, Blockchain Expert, Co-Founder @ Bitcoin Foundation
  • Peter M. Moricz, Blockchain Business Development Expert
  • Collin LaHay, Blockchain Expert, Founder @ Gambit
  • Jure Leskovec, PhD, Professor @ Stanford University, Chief Scientist @ Pinterest
  • Uroš Umek - DJ UMEK, Professional DJ, Founder, Celebrity Ambassador
  • Mark Pleško, PhD, Nuclear Physicist, Cosylab, Angel Investor
  • Dejan Roljić, ABC Acceleration Business City
  • Sebastian Quinn-Watson, Investor relations - Pacific/Asia Blockchain Global
  • Ram Santhosh Kumar Budime, CEO @
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Viberate's Team or join Telegram to communicate with VIBE team!


  1. Testing the market -

  2. Going all in - Viberate

  3. First round of funding - $560,000

  4. Viberate 1.0 launch - Analytical content

  5. Second round of funding - $440,000

  6. Welcoming the team of blockchain experts

  7. Viberate 2.0 launch - expanding to all music genres

  8. Token Crowdsale campaign launch

  9. Launch of the Venue and Event profiles

  10. Token Crowdsale

  11. Launch of the Booking Agency profiles

  12. Launch of Event Organizer profiles

  13. Integration of the ticket sales platform

  14. Business and booking platform launch

  15. Extended blockchain features integration

  16. Global marketing, PR and sales campaign

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