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It is not something exaggerated to say that health is the priceless wealth. It is due to the fact that once you fall into a sort of diseases, it is really not fun at all. You may not enjoy your favorite dishes and songs anymore. Based on that fact, keeping your body healthy is the key here. Despite applying healthy lifestyles like consuming good foods and exercising regularly, there is one more thing to be owned in your life. It is the health care partner. It is not like you have to go to hospital and clinic often. Just choose your spare times and then do the medical checkup to know your current conditions.

Interestingly, there is a place which is much recommended for you. This is Litra. Litra is a decentralized healthcare that will help many people because of that you can easily check the weather or the status of your flight. It is basically your favorite clinic with modern concept. Undeniably, it is indeed so annoying to go outside for medical checkup while your body condition is indeed not well. Now, checking up and consultation your condition become easier with Litra. It is when you can do all of them via your mobile phone. You may only need to say what you really feel. Then, the experts out there will definitely help you. Sure, you can also share your problems more easily in order to get the solution. This is very good idea particularly for family. It is since Litra can just help you to solve the problems. It is about whatever the health problem that you experience. Not only is it all about the diseases and sickness, you can also consult the problems related to the pregnancy.

However, it doesn’t mean that this health care does not have any clinic at all. In fact, there are times where the doctors and health experts must see you directly to know what actually you suffer. For this matter, Litra also gives you the real health service. The services are ultimate since there are only the experienced and the professional ones hired. They are also really friendly to the customers. it is still supported by the giving of medication that is qualified and safe as well. Something that is commonly worried about is the cost to pay. In this case, you must be relieved now. Yes, Litra offers you the reasonable price. It means that the money spent is really worthy with the services. So, what are you waiting for? For more information, check out at

Litra Team
  • Mu Amos, Founder
  • Sergey Akayev, Technology & Cryptocrurrencies
  • David Rubin, Technology & Adopting
  • Robert Van Damme, EHR /Chief Blockchain Architect
  • Matt Abbott, Technology & Analytics
  • Dave Norris, Financial Risk/Legal Consultant
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Litra Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with Litracoin team!


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