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In this modern day, it seems to be less wise if we are not able to spare our money to be invested. Yes, investment can be in many ways even it is just simply keeping the money in a bank. But if you want to get profit as well, of course, it needs more efforts. Foreign exchange and gold investment can be another good way as well. Talking about investment using certain currencies, it cannot be separated from the term of Cryptocurrency anyway. Cryptocurrency is a general term often used for virtual currency spreading in the internet. Principally, it is almost similar to Forex that uses foreign currency as the objects of the investment. In Cryptocurrency, certain virtual currencies like Bitcoin are those to be utilized.

Due to the rise of Cryptocurrency investment’s popularity, the sites or companies that facilitate this system are getting more and more as well. Theoretically, it should make the investors and traders find it easier to do the investing activities. But in fact, it is even in contrast. It is not something easy to find out which one of them that is really credible and trusted. Particularly for the beginners, there are some cases of being the victims of fraud. Being extra careful is indeed important by remembering this has a tight relation to money. For this reason also, EuropeanCryptoBank is just recommended. EuropeanCryptoBank (ECB) is building the first bank and trading platform to secure investments on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market on the blockchain. What are the reasons of choosing this bank instead of the others? Here they are.

Safe and Secured
It has been mentioned above that the credibility of the bank of company should be guaranteed. This way, the bank is able to give you ultimate services; one of them is related to the safety and security. There are some features provided by this platform to support the safety of your money here. One of them is the ability of EuropeanCryptoBank to take care the customers’ domestic internal revenues. Besides, the Cryptocurrencies are converted into all traditional assets to minimize the risks.

Sometimes, there is one main problem suffered by people who are interested in Cryptocurency. It is how to begin. It even becomes a reason why they cancel their intention for this investment anyway. yes, token purchasing is often really difficult as well as it takes too much time. In EuropeanCryptoBank, it offers you a way for token purchasing with faster and simpler process. For certain features like ECB Token, you can even buy it without registration.

The Experts Behind
It is somehow reasonable why people are more interested to use this platform to support their Cryptocurrency activities. Despite great features offered, it is getting more trusted for the experts working behind. The founders along with staff have been in the Cryptocurrency world for years even before this investment system is as popular as recently. There are some sessions of consultation conducted if you want to know more about this type of investment. For gaining more information related to EuropeanCryptoBank, be sure to check out at first.

EuropeanCryptoBank Team
  • Olivier FORGUES, President (UK)
  • Mikaël MISARD, Head of Development (FRANCE)
  • Sandrine FAVRE, Head of Operations (FRANCE)
  • Matthew CLARK, Head of Web Design and Digital Marketing (UK)
  • Cyprian KOWALCZYK, Chief Technical Officer and Blockchain Specialist (POLAND)
  • Philippe CHARRIERE, Head of Swiss Business Development (Switzerland)
  • Mariam COULIBALY, Social Network Specialist (FRANCE)
  • Suvi RINKINEN, European Digital Marketing and Communication Manager(UK)
  • Igor PODZIGUN, Head of International Business Development (Russia)
  • Benoît PINGUET, SEO-SEM WEB UX & UI Analyst (FRANCE)
  • Moe SKIFATI, Cartoonist (UK)
  • Isabella CUGUSI, Professor in Tax Law, Tax Lawyer (ITALY)
  • Aldo NATRELLA, Consultant and Linguist (ITALY)
  • Marianne TORDEUX, Tax Lawyer (FRANCE)
  • Stéphane VOINSON, Psychologist and Psychotherapist (FRANCE)
  • Louis-Alexandre ROUX, Communication Manager (FRANCE)
  • Dunny MOONESAWMY, Analysis and Financial Research (FRANCE)
  • Christian ANGELLA, IT Development (FRANCE)
  • Jean-Louis DE MONTESQUIOU, Founder and EX-CEO of UB FRANCE SA (FRANCE)
  • D. Silva FISCHER, Mathematician (GERMANY)
  • Fahad ALWI, Computer Science and Mathematics (UK)
  • Romain DREYFUS, Instant Payments on the Blockchain (France)
  • D. Laurence DEVILLERS, Researcher in CNRS, Professor at LA SORBONNE (FRANCE)
  • Efren NEYPES, Community Manager for Asia (Philippines)
  • Liu WILLOW, Community Manager for China (China)
  • Igor SUKHANOV, Community Manager for Eastern Europe and Russia (Ukraine)
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: EuropeanCryptoBank team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ECB team!


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