The Decentralized Financial Ecosystem For Lenders and Borowers

The activities of lending and borrowing money are not new things. Indeed, there are many sides that are being beneficial during the transactions. Yes, while the borrowers can find the money they need, the lenders are also profitable for the interest found during the installment. In general cases, the lenders are banks that provide sich services. However, have you ever thought that such common systems are actually disadvantageous mainly for borrowers? The high interest and the incapability to pay them off are saddening for sure. Many people and companies even declare themselves as bankrupt for such loans.

Well, if you need money but don’t want to experience similar things, it is not bad anyway to try a new system offered by Zper. What is Zper actually? Zper is a kind of decentralized companies that Offering Blockchain-Based Investment and Loan Platform  to connect each other. Different from banks and other services that require commission for the third part, the decentralized system implemented here will not need that. Of course, it is because Zper can find its own profit from the digital currency trading system realized from the token transaction. So, what are the benefits of joining Zper? Here they are.

Peer-to-peer Transaction
Before the system applied by conventional bank becomes popular since few centuries ago, peer-to-peer transaction is done by almost all people in the world. Yes, this system is undeniably really traditional where there are only two parties involved. But then, it is proven to be safe and beneficial for the both parties. It is although there is basically only one thing needed here; trust. The modern peer-to-peer transaction tries to adapt this system but in digital way. Therefore, all the benefits found from the traditional transaction can be again felt here.

Safe and Secured
If the traditional peer-to-peer transaction is sometimes still doubtful particularly regarding the safety and security, it is not in Zper. Zper provides many features that the transaction can even be much safer and more secured. More than that, it is also transparent without any other people are able to change the data. How is it?

Blockchain System
The security, security, and even transparency can be implemented well due to the Blockchain platform used. Blockchain is another name from decentralized transaction system mentioned above. In this system, the third party is removed but then all the data are kept in many computers connected each other in one network. All parties involved have the same right to see the data and even other things behind. However, they don’t have access to change it. That’s why; it is really resistant toward hacking, fraud, and other kinds of cyber crime.

Risk Management
Compared to other similar sites, Zper looks better. It is because of the utilization of Robo-advisor algorithms as the risk management. This feature helps the members to trade and invest in safer ways. The risk management here means that the risk can be lowered so that the profit gained can be more also. To join it, you can go to its official site



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