INTEGRITY - Platform Based on the Blockchain Technology to Empower Small Business to Success

Small businesses are often hard to grow due to some reasons. Integrity, a digital company which is based on blockchain technology is established to help the small business to gain success.

The Company’s Description
Integrity is a platform specially built to empower small businesses so they can grow and win. The company’s mission is to establish a self-sustaining crypto ecosystem for small business. The blockchain technology applied is aimed to make sure that the owners of the small business will get the support and help needed to grow. In this way, they will understand what to do with all of the potency and sources they have to reach their business goals.

Solutions Offered by the INTEGRITY
The founders of the Integrity realize that there are many problems faced by small businesses. Here are the solutions provided by Integrity.
  • Help to Focus on Products and Their Strengths
    The business owners often find that it is very hard to grow a business and successfully operating. Instead of focusing on their products and what best to do for them, the business owners often spend a lot of money and time to find out the best ways to grow. As the results, half of them will fail just within 5 years. Integrity with the platform based on blockchain technology, empowers the business owners to focus on their products and strengths by putting concern on the operations and growth. In this way, they can grow their business in more effective ways and the marketing target can be achieved.
  • Integrity’s Trust Protocol
    The business owners also often have no idea of what to do and who to trust to help them grow. Their own growth strategy often becomes useless since they can’t get the proper backup. The business owners often select the wrong people to handle their business and conduct improper production process. The Integrity comes with Trust Protocol which consists of proof of wisdom for experts, proof of reputation for freelancers, and proof of results for technology. The protocol is aimed to make sure that only the best products and players that will be allowed to contribute to the company’s ecosystem.
  • Help Business Owners to Connect Dots
    Most of the business ecosystem now is filled by inefficiencies which cause business failure. Integrity’s platform helps the business owners to connects the dots between freelancers and experts. In this way, the business owners will be able to avoid the overlap often occurs in technology. By connecting the dots, payments can be given based on performance to make sure the best result and efficient performance.
  • Blockchain Protects the Knowledge Rights
    There are a lot of experts which are valued because of their wisdom. However, not all of them have the willingness to share their knowledge due to the worried that their ideas will be modified, absorbed, and commoditized without their permit and sharing profit. Integrity really values the wisdom owned by experts and secure it. The digital company will utilize the experts’ knowledge for online training. The experts will get payments of what they have shared. In this way, they will get some passive income that can be considered as royalty.

  • Thomas Le Maguer, Co-founder, CEO
  • Nikola Leger, Co-founder, President/COO
  • Dmitry Sergeev, Head of Technology
  • Jose Luis Moliner, Head of Growth

  • Rob Provenzano, Head of Information Systems
  • Ross Walker, Head of Automation
  • Camilla Caban, Team Lead – Fulfillment
  • Bryan Kramer, Subject Matter Expert Business and marketing
  • Trevor Turnbull, Subject Matter Expert - Lead Generation
  • Nick Longo, Head of Client Success
  • Mark, Subject Matter Expert Sales training
  • Victor, Growth Engineer
  • Edgar, Back End Maestro
  • Asif, Creative Lead
  • Daryl, Video Buff
  • Ashlyn, Video Queen
  • Jenn, Client Success Manager
  • Christine, Community Manager

  • Peter Colegate, Data Privacy, Technology and Innovation
  • Edmund L., ICO Founder
  • Samuel Banks, Security Token
  • Robert Sestito, Blockchain and Machine Learning
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Integrity Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ITX team!


  1. Helped Nutrition Expert become #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon in 24 hours + generated 12,000 leads.

  2. - Did 1st digital product launch around Leadership Expertise: created membership Course framework and generated $128,000 in sales in 2 weeks with 27,000 leads.
    - Did second launch around "How to be a Professional Speakers": generated $353,000 in 2 weeks and 50,000 leads.

  3. Launched ESF English School: generated $850,000 in sales and 83,000 leads in 10 days.

  4. Erational Marketing in launched as a full service agency to help experts grow.

  5. Client launches an international event: we fill 2700 paid seats in 4 cities in 6 weeks.

  6. Automated Video Coversion Process developed: 1-2 % of client lists turning into qualified leads automatically.

  7. Company grows by 302% Year over Year.

  8. Cold Email Lead Generation Process developed: generating 25 sales qualified leads per day.

  9. B2B Telemarketing Process developed: highly qualified sales opportunities generated daily.

  10. Integrity v1 analogue prototype testing begins.

  11. eRational team deploys all growth systems to see if we can double the company in 50 days.

  12. eRational team succeeds and qualify for the Startup 50 - the 50 fastest growing companies in Canada - 211% Year over Year Growth.

  13. Beta of the Integrity Expert Process Extraction: test with 2 expert partners.

  14. Smart Contract for ICO are mapped and development work begins.

  15. Expert Process Mapping a success: client deploying their strategies and experts receive 5 figure recurring revenue source and double profits.

  16. Integrity Seed Round begins.

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