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One of the important things to do in the first stage of business planning is the market research. It will give you a clear image of the target market you are going to aim. From this data, you can create a strategy that matches with the condition in the field to maximize the profit you will get from your business. The problem is getting the accurate data can cost you a lot. However, we found an interesting project that provides the solution to this problem. It’s called Review.Network.

What is Review.Network?
Just like its name, this project creates a network for reviewing purpose. So, a product owner or a company can use this service to launch the beta version of their product to the user. Review.Network is an consumer-generated online review and primary market research platform employing blockchain technology and advanced data science tools. From that action, they will get feedback from the user, and this will become the data they can use as the early evaluation of their product.

The Benefits of Review.Network
First of all, this project uses the Blockchain platform to build their system. That means everything that happens inside the environment created by this project, is fair. Therefore, the first benefits a company can get from this project are an honest and high-quality feedback. There won’t be any exaggeration or forced positive review. The reviewer will tell how they feel after they try and use the product from the company. The result is high-quality data.

The other benefits are the cost. Compared to the current method to get feedback or market research data, you pay less within Review.Network. This project use Blockchain, therefore you don’t need to use any mediator or an extra way to get the data that you like. You can get everything directly and much faster because Blockchain technology has an ability to do that. With this concept, you can save, not only money but also time and energy. You can focus on other important parts related to your business.

What we see as the best feature this project has is their AI system. Using a specific algorithm, their system will help you to find the right reviewer. Right reviewers are important because they understand and know more about the field where you run your business. For example, if you sell games software, you will get the reviewer that understands and has a lot of experiences in that field. They will be able to give correct review and measurement. It will help you to know the real condition of your product on the market.

Some business has a hard time in the beginning because they have to spend more just to get the data from the market. We see this project could become the best solution to that problem. And, if we take a look at the bigger picture, we can see that this project also has a chance to affect the business world. With the high-quality data from this project, every business and company will be forced to create a better product. This will increase the competitive value in the future business world healthily.

Review.Network Team
  • Vuk Popovic, Managing Partner and Co-Founder
  • Filip Karaicic, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Reinhard Fellmann, CFO & Partner
  • Matt Yanofsky, CMO
  • Petar Slovic, COO and Co-Founder
  • Ivan Ciric, CTO and Co-Founder
  • Christian Friborg, Board Member & Partner
  • Eleni Stylianou, Board Member
  • Yiannos Ashiotis, Board Member
  • Andreas M. Koumenides, JD, Legal Partner
  • Jayson Lee, Business Developer Asia
  • Maja Rodic, Data Analyst, PhD
  • Olivera Sazos, Data Analyst
  • Lazar Travica, Blockchain Engineer
  • Alan Alickovic, Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • Dusan Perisic, Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • Milovan Marjanovic, Software Engineer
  • Mihailo Konatarevic, UX Lead Designer
  • Nemanja Joksic, UX / UI Designer
  • Bratislav Lazovic, Graphic Designer
  • Nadja Obradovic, Head of Community & Social Media
  • Kristina Ristanovic, Community & Social Media Manager
  • Nenad Trailov, Community Manager
  • Mihajlo Djordjevic, Community Manager


For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: ReviewNetwork Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #REW team!


  1. - Researching and validating the idea
    - Created the token economy

  2. - Raised over $1M in funding globally
    - Developed a proof of concept
    - Blockchain risk analysis

  3. Develop a prototype

  4. - Road Shows
    - Development

  5. - Private Sale
    - Presale
    - Private alpha of the platform

  6. - Public Sale
    - Beta version
    - Partnerships

  7. Marketing & Development

  8. Phase 1 complete - Marketing research and online review communities

  9. User acquisition and platform optimization

  10. Phase 2 complete - Advanced market research analysis

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