EUREKA Simplify The Research Data Sharing

Do you know that the research in today’s world has many problem and limitation? One of them is they are lack of objective evaluation. If this problem can be solved, we can say that the development of the research project will be much faster. And, we can see many breakthroughs as well as innovations. So, how can we solve this problem? There is one solution that we can find. It’s optimizing the research data sharing process. EUREKA is the project that perfectly fit with that description.

The EUREKA Project
EUREKA project focuses on the optimization of research data sharing. And, using Blockchain technology, this can be achieved without a problem. The team behind this project is the similar team that creates ScienceMatters, the online publishing platform for a scientific journal. The goal is similar, which is providing a platform where the research and scientific data can be published without too much hassle and much faster. So, EUREKA also uses that concept to do the same.

This is actually a great idea. By providing a platform where researchers can publish their data, they will have many feedbacks that can help them with their research in the future. It is an innovative project, which we believe has the ability to change the world in the future. Now, before you join the project, let’s take a look what can we get from this program.

The EUREKA Features
We find that EUREKA has several great features that can support scientific research. Here are some of them:

  • Time Stamping
    This feature will protect the original data from copyright infringement. This is important and necessary if you want to share the data openly likes this.
  • P2P Evaluation
    We love this feature because, with this feature, we can involve many people and get their feedback and opinion. If you can get this feedback, we can see it will help you to fix any error in your pre-released data.
  • Rating
    This is also a useful feature, where you can get the rating for the data that you published in EUREKA platform. The best about this feature is you can still carry the rating point if you want to publish your research in the traditional platform.
  • Funding
    You also can find funding feature where you will get financial help if your data receive a good rating. This will cut the time to collect the fund and help for your research, which proved to be hard to do with the current system.
  • Replication Incentive
    This is a good system for data owner. They will be “paid” with tokens to get their data replicated for confirmation or contradiction studies.
  • AI-based Prediction
    An artificial intelligence-based prediction tool will make use of ScienceMatters algorithm which identifies related studies and observations by cross referencing annotations and links them to form a narrative.

We can only say that EUREKA is one of the most important Blockchain-based projects you can find. It uses a simple concept, which is optimizing the data share process. But, the implication can be really big in the future, because it affects how the scientific research will be done. So, it’s a good idea to involve in this project, if you are interested.

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