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If you want to become a retailer with many advantages, then you can use NAU. NAU is a platform that unites retailers with customers community. You can start NAU freely so that it becomes a better platform than any other platform. This platform can enable and create a single offer for resellers. The bid required by the reseller is at least 10 tokens. This amount is much lower than the initial deposit available on the CPA network. Everyone can use NAU. Resellers who want to give big discounts can use this app. Sellers with high margins can use this app. Small businesses that should do 10 sales per week can take advantage of this application. Small and medium-sized businesses have to join this platform to get customers. NAU will welcome small businessmen to join and benefit. NAU has no specific restrictions. You will not find any problems with currency exchange because retailers can find new partners across the country. Resellers can work together in other countries. If you want to start a business in another country, then you can work with retailers who live in the country.

Platform Technology
Every company has a heart that becomes a major part of this platform. The main part of the NAU is the platform that runs using blockchain. This technology will save the transaction that you do in the company. The transaction is performed by the platform used. This transaction will be cleared with tokens obtained from NAU. This application consists of the offer wall website, web backend, NAU, and others. This app will interact with the API. Multi Chain technology will be used to block NAU. Users can perform reliable transactions in a short time. You do not have to pay a fee to the miners for this platform because it uses microtransactions from NAU. This system does not use smart contracts. The blockchain can be personally operated but the user cannot commit fraud because all of the transactions will be monitored by the public. Websites and other users can perform techniques that can support NAU and perform the browsing.

Multichain Technology
The token is an asset that exists on this technology. If you have the token, the wallet user will redeem the token purchased when selling the token. Users can receive tokens from other users. This is a utility token that can be used to pay for access while using the platform. One token is used to pay for one offer. The payment will fit into the retailer's wallet to the user's wallet. The amount that goes into the wallet is 95%. NAU earns 5% commission on the payment. This token is only granted to Singaporean citizens. If you are not a Singaporean citizen, then you should not buy the token. Singaporeans are people in this country naturally.

Every digital marketer has a unique vocabulary. The company has been using the vocabulary for new keywords in 2010. The use of such vocabularies is appropriate for local businesses and consumers of digital marketers. Social networking services are becoming a popular facility in all countries. Affiliate marketing and advertising will be lost today but the technology can keep this business. Token sales allow everyone to run this business.

NAU team has plans to start the Public presale round will start on November 1, 2017 until November  27, 2017 (or until the hard cap of the round is reached which is 50 million tokens). The main round will start on November 29 and will last until December 29 (or until the hard cap of the main stage of the token sale is reached which is 600M tokens). Performance based rounds of token sale will happen throughout 2018 coincided with NAU new markets launch.

Public pre-sale Timeline: 27 days
Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 NAU
Total pre-sale Supply: 50,000,000 NAU
Token price: $0.04
Bonus token: 35%
Currency accepted: BTC, ETH, and LTC

Don't missed out to be part of NAU Public pre-sale, prepare yourself and you must register account on

NAU Team
  • Yaroslav Shakula, Founder, CEO
  • Egor Bruskin, Co-Founder
  • Max Gavriuk, CTO
  • Olga Romanova, Head international sales
  • Ashit Joshi, Business Development Advisor
  • Tzvi Shishler, Advisor on international marketing
  • Marc Kenigsberg, Advisor on tokenomics and data
  • Andrew Tsvirkun, Coordinator, smart contract developer
  • Ievgen Pervushyn, Core developer
  • Alex Olar, DBA, blockchain developer
  • Serhii Poraiko, Mobile developer
  • ​Oleksandr Khoronko, Mobile developer
  • Artur Yenatskyi, Frontend developer
  • Alex Voronovich, Backend developer
  • Aleksandr Stoilovskyi, Backend developer
  • Oleksandr Doskich, Backend developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: NAUToken Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #NAU team!


  1. Start of development

  2. Private pre-sale round

  3. - Local offices launch in 5 countries
    - Start of retailers sign up and onboarding

  4. Public pre-sale round

  5. Public main sale round

  6. - NAU token emission
    - NAU beta release

  7. Start of global marketing campaign

  8. Performance based token sale round

  9. NAU token accepted as payment tool

  10. Launch on 20+ new markets (depending of funds raised)

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