Introduce of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009 by Satoshi Natamoto. Unlike currency in general, does not depend on trust bitcoin major publisher. Bitcoin uses a distributed database and spread to the nodes - the nodes of a P2P network to journal transactions, and uses cryptography to provide a function - the function of basic security, such as ensuring that bitcoin - bitcoin can only be spent by people have it, and should not be done more than one occasion.

Briefly, bitcoin is crypto currency based on the most recent technology and started to be an option as a substitute for gold. Bitcoin itself is made of a combination of various technologies of cryptografi, economics and network forming a program that consists of a network of peer-to-peer robust and almost impossible to attack, technological or rather the new currency called cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is ultimately function as currency. Bitcoin at first currency that is not fit for use, then slowly gained value. For nearly two years, you could buy hundreds or thousands of Bitcoins for only US $ 1. But then the value of Bitcoins start growing.
  • In February 2011, 1BTC valued US $1
  • In June 2011, 1BTC valued U$ 10
  • In March 2013, 1BTC valued US $50
  • In July 2013, 1BTC valued at US $100
  • In November 2013, valued US $500
  • In late November 2013, prices up to US $1.000 for 1BTC

  1. Are anonymous
  2. Express transfer to anywhere Anti-inflation, because the stock is limited
  3. Fully integrated with mobile applications and PC



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