USDQ - Decentralized Stablecoin by Platinum Engineering

Cryptocurrency is a payment medium being a substitute for cash money. It is the shape of virtual money. The development of cryptocurrencies makes you find a trusted cryptocurrency provider. One of the recommended cryptocurrency providers is USDQ Platinum Fund. What is it? How does it work?

The Description of USDQ Platinum
USDQ is one of the recommended ERC-20 decentralized cryptocurrency assets. It is providing several kinds of cryptocurrencies. USDQ is available for everyone. You can choose this cryptocurrency provider with high value. It has some features and positive points making you select it.

About QDAO Platinum
Trade It as a Regular Stablecoin On The Secondary Market
USDQ is a cryptocurrency provider with amazing features. It has a QDAO ecosystem. It has a low volatility feature in the cryptocurrencies helping the traders to work efficiently and safely in which it doesn’t matter happening in the secondary market.

Collateralize Your Crypto and Get a Simple Stable Trading Asset
It gives a reliable guarantee of your cryptocurrencies and you will the simply stable trading asset. After it has completed, you can return your cryptocurrency to the ecosystem. You can protect your ecosystem until you are sure to the stability. If you hold USDQ , you will have the trusted coins protecting the market volatility for starting the trading process.

Combining to a Community of Q Dao from Miners and Decision Makers
USDQ is a great cryptocurrency provider. You can join in the community of QDAO from miners and decision makers. You can join it and start to mine QDAO token sooner. It is a brilliant chance for the miners in the developing community. You can become it to be part of a decision maker by mining revolutionary and new cryptocurrencies. It is a potential chance for every one mining the cryptocurrencies.

A Good Philosophy of USDQ
A philosophy of USDQ is creating a stable asset really decentralized to the token and cryptocurrencies. It is ensured to be the cryptocurrencies. It has no myths of the cryptocurrency in the private bank account. The available cryptocurrencies in this USDQ offer clear transparency. You can track all transactions in real time and know the supported features of a particular crypto asset. The transparency is helpful to monitor a transaction of the cryptocurrency sales.

The next thing is about decentralization. It is decentralized to sell cryptocurrencies. All decisions are made of DAO community. A community of QDAO is giving full democracy without the central control. You are able to change what you expect if the community is supporting your initiative things. You have rights to select. All things are decided fully by society to take decentralized decisions. It offers a self-stabilization in which it is stable. The environment is no problem in which the feature of decentralized coins has big fluctuation.

Stable coins produce money with some features. You can mine QDAO token. It uses a square Q in which you can easily mine QDAO Token. The society’s management is helping the system safely and strongly. By combining QDAO token, you can participate in system control. It is a self predictor. It produces to analyze parameter, news, and other factors to make a prediction of cryptocurrencies.

  • i-ChanHuang, Chief Strategy Officer-Taiwan
  • JiJunKim, Korean Community Development-Korea
  • EddieArgueta, Head of Communications-Brazil
  • JitendraRathod, Marketing manager-UAE
  • MartinSaldamando, Strategic Partnerships-United States
  • Howard H.Kim, Blockchain evangelist-Singapore
  • TakeshiIto, Business developer-Japan
  • HerryVu, Singaporean Community manager-Singapore
  • MariaDanilova, Manager of Community Relations-Russia
  • JuliaDella Scala, Business Development-United States
  • ArtemFinko, Marketing and communication manager-Finland
  • AntonDziatkovskii, Platinum co-founder-Poland
  • DanKhomenko, Platinum co-founder-Australia
  • DariaVolkova, Project manager-Ukraine
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Website or Join Telegram to communicate with #USDQ team!


  1. First USDQ and QDAO issuing and exchanges listing

  2. Closed beta test of the collateralized debt position interface

  3. Collateralized debt position interface public beta

  4. QBox public beta
    QDAO mining start

  5. New stable coins release

  6. Launch of our own decentralized exchange

  7. NOAH Blockchain MainNet launch

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