Connecting Digital and Real Market with Globitex

Globitex is an revolutionary currency for Global Trading in the future, with a fully functional FIX API connectivity, offering direct market access for algorithmic traders. This platform offers direct access between digital currency and the real market. Basically, this platform allows you to perform any transaction by using digital currency. This is actually not a new thing; some platforms have actually tried this but have not succeeded. The prototype of the platform launched in summer 2017 is trying to fix some of the errors and imperfections of its predecessor platform. Currently, Globitex is still in the experimental phase and is expected to start operating effectively in early 2018.

The Objectives of Globitex
One of the first goals for Globitex is to equalize the digital currency function with existing currencies. This equation is expected to allow the owner of GBX (Globitex currency) to perform transactions such as when using "real money" that exist today.

As a digital currency, GBX will certainly be introduced to those who are familiar with the internet. Digital currency is something "unique". For many people, this type of currency is something unreal and high risk. In fact, GBX and its friends do have to prove their benefits and functions in real terms. This is done to get more users.

The Advantages of Globitex
Globitex is a global exchange rate, meaning Globitex is not owned by any country, making it easy to use anywhere in the world. This makes international transactions easier as there is no discussion of payments to be used in accordance with country rates and of course prices are not affected by the exchange rate of the country's currency. GBX is that the rate is not controlled by a national bank or other state entity. That is, GBX exchange rate is not affected by the economic condition of any country, just like gold or petroleum.

Then, the GBX you have is stored in your computer's wallet file, so you can control your own finances. GBXs are not stored on accounts that can be frozen at any time. In addition, you also do not have to worry about the limitations of transactions or other limitations as is commonly encountered in banking.

Of course, GBX also has its drawbacks. Learn in advance about this before using GBX. This may be more disputed by merchants who buy and sell GBX because of course the value of interest will be very meaningful to their advantage. Furthermore, a decentralized system that seems to be very convenient and profitable is also dangerous because there is no government or banking that can support it. Simply put, GBX can be of no value in the future.

Another problem is that money is sent in a peer-to-peer manner. Indeed there is the possibility of making the transaction system more complex, because the system is too simple is vulnerable security. Every transaction made is irrevocable, so it is an opportunity for fraudsters. There is no protection or guarantee. There is no such place of service complaints provided by the bank or Credit Card Company. Lack of using other GBX is the same as cash that is the possibility of lost or stolen. GBX is stored in a wallet file and either your wallet or are vulnerable to be hacked or stolen through malware and viruses.

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