The Reasons Why You Should Choose The Helios Protocol

Have you ever heard about Helios Protocol? Helios Protocol is a self-scaling decentralized application as well as decentralized web-hosting platform that is based on DAG + blockchains. Helios Protocol is designed from the bottom up to futureproof with transactions which are secure, low fee, and high speed. It allows truly democratic and decentralized applications. The Helios platform consists of a big number of independent blockchains which are connected through a DAG. Each wallet address has its own blockchain which contains transactions to and from that certain wallet addresses. All of the blockchains are connected through a DAG that is formed by transactions.

When a transaction occurs, it is only added to the blockchains of the receivers and senders. The blockchains of other wallet addresses are totally not affected. This entirely removes all of the complications which are caused by requiring all transactions to be placed on a single blockchain as well as allows transactions among different users to take place at the same time.The transaction throughput also increases along with the number of wallet addresses on the blockchain, allowing it to scale without any limitation. The Helios platform will be able to run smart contracts and dApps that are based on solidity.

It will allow the creation of decentralized solutions which are secure, fast, and efficient in order to widely improve systems such as health care, supply chain, financial technology, governance, social networking, fake news, climate change, energy grids, and many more. Moreover, the use of solidity as the language will allow fast adoption by seamless migration of existing dApps as well as existing development communities.

Why Should You Choose Helios Protocol?
Below are the reasons why you should choose the Helios Protocol.
  • Security and Immutability
    The Helios consensus mechanism is based on both PoS and physics of magnetism that is very well understood. The Helios consensus mechanism is capable of providing security and immutability to the same level as PoW. It also provides additional steps that are not seen in PoW which increase further security.
  • Low Transaction Fees
    Besides being able to provide security and immutability to the same level as PoW, the Helios consensus mechanism also lacks PoW. This allows nodes to run on affordable and energy-efficient hardware. So, it will extremely reduce the upfront and continuing costs to run nodes. So, the rewards required for nodes to produce the same income as they would with other PoW coins are extremely lower as well. This allows the Helios to stay beneficial compared to PoW coins even with a smaller reward for nodes. The cost savings from paying fewer rewards will be directly transferred to the users via lower transaction fees.
  • dApp Platform and Smart Contract
    The Helios platform will be able to run smart contracts and also dApps that are programmed in Solidity just like the Ethereum platform. This allows existing developers to accelerate adoption of the Helios platform. This also allows flawless migration of Ethereum based dApps to the Helios platform.

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