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Having health reminder is useful for our life. Nowadays, there are so many applications that are able to remind you about your health condition. But, sometime the application doesn’t fulfill your expectation. Have you ever heard about Bowhead? For you who want to take care of yourself and also get much benefit, you have to join Bowhead. Just read some information below to know more about Bowhead.

What is Bowhead ?
As mentioned before, having health reminder is useful for you. The Bowhead will help you to always know about your health condition. Bowhead offers various kits that can be used easily through online. So, you will always know about your health condition without doing difficult steps. Some of you may be curious about mechanism of Bowhead. With Bowhead, you can track your test result. It is so useful for you because you will also receive expert health advice. Finally, you can avoid disease.

Different from health institution, Bowhead facilities various tests to know your condition. But, you can also decide whether you want to lease your anonymous health data to research or not. Don’t think negatively about it because your data will be leased as anonymous data and your data secured by smart contract. So, your privacy will be always protected. Not only that, you can also decide who, when, what, where and how individual or organization interact with your health data.

Do I Need to Join Bowhead ?
Join Bowhead is really easy, and you don’t have to go to various places because Bowhead will receive your health data from at-home test kits or remote test kits. Finally, you will know about your health condition easily. After that, you will get vitamin or supplement reminder that sent through timely notifications.
Some of you may think that Bowhead is just ordinary site to check your health condition. Actually, Bowhead offers other benefit for you. Actually, you can use Bowhead to invest your money. Why? Actually, Bowhead offers reward for users.

Bowhead builds blockchain as reward for users. Have you known that research in healthcare is a multibillion dollar industry? When you decide to share your anonymous health data to researcher, it means you will get 70% of the funds paid by researcher, and 30% will be distributed to Bowhead tokenholders. So, join Bowhead is really useful. You will not only know about your health condition, but you can also get much money from it.

Bowhead will issue a maximum fixed supply of 100M WAVE-based tokens. Bowhead will open its crowdsale on July 17rd, 2017 until August 31th, 2017. Don't waste time, come to be part of Bowhead Health Crowdsale!
Disclaimer: US residents will not be able to participate in Bowhead Health Crowdsale.

Bowhead Team
  • Dr. Rhea Mehta, Bowhead Health CEO
  • Dr. Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, Bowhead Health Chairman
  • Saúl Ibaven Bueno, Bowhead Health CTO
  • Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr., Bowhead Health Head of Product
  • David Bueno, Bowhead Health Head of Manufacturing
  • Peter Kroll, Founded the Atheist & Agnostics community on the platform
  • Raja Jindal, co-founder of Santa Barbara-based BIOIQ
  • Cristina Randall, co-founder of Conekta, one of Mexico’s leading financial companies
For detailed Team Members of Bowhead descriptions, please check out: Bowhead Team


  1. Bowhead Health Inc. Incorporation.

  2. 3D printed alpha medical device patent-filed.

  3. Successfully closed $100K seed from strategic investor and manufacturer.

  4. FDA-certified lab in Southem California agrees to develop biometric test catridges.

  5. - Beta dispenser and biometric test prototype from manufacturer paired to iOS and Android.
    - Launch of Bowhead Tokensale to raise up to $15M.

  6. Gamified health survey on HIPAA compliant database that issues Bowhead tokens to users.

  7. Sale of home test with prepaid shipping labels with results saved to Bowhead blockchain.

  8. Shipping device to 200 people for human trial.

  9. Ship Bowhead devices with remote tests and blockchain-enabled health records.

  10. Install large Bowhead kiosk version of device that can service rural communities in the developing world.

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